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Support measures for the disabled person and appointment of an assistant

It is about freeing a person from responsibilities that they can no longer assume, usually the cause is a disease that affects the cognitive ability of the alleged incapacitated, as in the case of Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, gambling, bipolar …Failure to act in time can lead to dangerous situations in the patient’s daily activities such as: leaving the gas open, disorientation in public spaces, taking large sums of money that later they get lost, giving money to strangers or buying unnecessary products. Allegedly incapacitated people give too much confidence to unknown third parties and outside the family or emotional bond.

The incapacitation procedure is carried out in court. The judge must issue a sentence determining the incapacity, his degree (it can be total or partial) and the figure of guard and protection (guardianship, curatorship or judicial defender).

In case of an advance rapid treatment of the disease, it is possible to request urgent precautionary measures, such as the administration of the patient’s assets during the process.

We take care of the entire judicial procedure and, subsequently, if we are instructed by the guardian to present the accounts to the court, depending on the frequency determined by the judge.

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