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Legitimate law claims

A claim to legitimacy can be dealt with from two positions: heir and legitimator, we know what to do in each of them.

The people who have the right to legitimacy are the descendants of the causer. In the event that the causer has no descendants, their ascendants may claim the right of legitimacy. The heir is the person obliged to make the payment.

In Catalonia, the legitimacy is a credit right that consists of 25% of the relict flow, that is, the assets existing at the time of death and the assets donated in life by the causer (donations made during the last 10 years), with deduction of debts and expenses of the last illness and of burial or cremation.

The two most controversial aspects are the valuation of assets and the computation of certain assets for the purposes of calculating the legitimacy.

The right to claim legitimacy expires ten years after the death of the causer.

In the event of a disinheritance, we advise you on what can be done and how to claim it.

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