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Mediation is one of the most effective mechanisms for resolving family conflicts, such as those that may arise in a succession.

Montserrat Romaguera, as a professional mediator registered in the register of active private law mediators, of the The Department of Justice, of the Generalitat de Catalunya and also in the register of mediators of the Barcelona Bar Association, manages the entire mediation process, which will help you resolve certain conflicts effectively and without the need to bring a legal action, in the event that an agreement is reached between the parties.

Mediation is understood to be more advantageous because:

  • Restores communication and facilitates collaboration between the parties.
  • The agreements reached allow for faster solutions tailored to the specific needs of the parties.
  • Emotionally it is much more beneficial than legal proceedings.
  • In terms of time, it is a shorter procedure than the judicial one, in addition to being much cheaper.
  • Helps to pacify the relationship of people in conflict.

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