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Month: December 2020

Article published in the Revista Món Jurídic no. 328 of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB): “The necessary procedural representation of the inheritance lying for registration purposes”

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Inheritance and donation tax reform in Catalonia

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The necessary procedural representation of the unknown heirs or the lying inheritance in a court proceeding for registration purposes

THE NECESSARY PROCEDURAL REPRESENTATION OF IGNORED HEIRS OR THE LYING INHERITANCE IN A JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS FOR REGISTERING PURPOSES The issue of registrations in lawsuits against unknown heirs or lying inheritances & nbsp; I would like to refer to a problem that has practical consequences with regard to the execution of judgments and resolutions in which […]

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El Concurs de l’herència: gran desconegut

THE INHERITANCE CONTEST: GREAT UNKNOWN & nbsp; Inheritance competition is a very broad topic, this article only allows me to approximate it without prejudice to what may be discussed in more detail on other occasions. & nbsp; Introduction: The insolvent inheritance Bankruptcy of inheritance is a complex procedure that is regulated by Bankruptcy Law 22/2003, […]

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